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How To Compose A Literary Expository Essay On To Kill A Mockingbird

The expository essay on “To kill a mockingbird “requires lots of brainstorming. The subject needs to be analyzed well. The subject is grave and vast and can’t be discussed in absence of sufficient and reliable information. “To kill a mockingbird” is a novel written by Nelle Harper Lee. The books speak loudly and there are many chief aspects that need to be discussed from an individual’s viewpoint. Understanding the gravity of legal, social and technological aspects, many researchers have picked this topic to carry their research too. Apart from that many schools have provided this topic to their students to understand their opinions.

The subject majorly revolves around justice, relationship and prejudice and hence has become part of many expository compositions.

How to write on such sensitive topics?

Check out the tips-

  • Such topics are written using facts and abstracts.
  • These are opinion based.
  • There should be succinct and clear pieces of information.
  • Such articles are basically based on the opinion of the writer himself or someone else opinions. It should be written from only one perspective only.
  • If description of any activity is taking place, it should be written in the second person’s voice.
  • The content should be written in a logical way offering statistical information like facts and figures.
  • The chief motto of writing such topics is to develop the explanation skills of the students.

How to compose?

You imagine yourself to be a teacher who is assigned a task of explaining something to the students who have no idea regarding the topic- For example “To kill a Mockingbird”.

  • Creativity at its peak: Expository essays become more lifelike if some picturesque situation is added to the piece of writing. Words play a fancy role here. Use words in such a way that they become lively.
  • Excess of anything is bad: Explaining things is good, however do not exaggerate the things beyond their limit as you are supposed to meet the word limit of your writing too. Apart from that time limits also need to be set. Exclude the obvious things and approach the classical constructive method. Make sure that each and every paragraph is relevant to the text and do not sound too verbose.

Finally after you have drifted your writing from introduction to body paragraphs to conclusion part, end the topic properly not by repeating the same words. It should draw substantial conclusion. In short explain the subject in such a way that readers understand everything staying enthusiastic while reading the content.

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