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Completing An Essay On Mobile Number Portability

It is always advised by experts that essay should be written on topics that have a current relevance. Your research paper should be one that deems to take up a problem faced in your field of research and propose a solution to the problem in the form of a thesis. Mobile number portability is an excellent topic for research. The concept mobile number portability has now become a common concept. A lot of people wish to change their service providers without changing their numbers. This is a very convenient process. A mobile number has become a very important entity. If one is to change it, one has to provide their mobile number to all the people who are likely to call them. Mobile number portability helps you to do away with that hassle. If you are writing an essay on this topic, here are a few guidelines.

  • Title page
  • This is that part where you are to write the topic of your research, that is, mobile number portability. If there is a subtitle then you must mention it here. Along with the title you have to write the name of your university and the name of your supervisor.

  • Abstract
  • This part is extremely important as it introduces your reader to your topic. An abstract is basically a summary of your entire project. Not only a summary for your subject matter, bu8t a summary of the methodology and analysis. You are likely to produce an abstract before you start on your main project, to give an idea of the direction in which you are thinking of researching. The abstract is something one might look at, when in a hurry. It should be a faithful summary. Make it precise and concise.

  • Content
  • This is where you have to write down all the chapter names and their page numbers.

  • Data table
  • As you are working on a technical topic, you are likely going to have a lot of data. This is the place where you provide to the reader a neat guide to all the data that you have included in the course of the project.

  • Main body
  • Background, introduction, literature review, data analysis, case study, conclusion and bibliography are what should form the main body of your essay. You must arrange all your material accordingly. Gather all the research and collate it. Once you have everything ready, begin to write. Don’t forget to support your statements with facts. Write about your solution in the conclusion.

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