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Why Losing Weight Is Difficult

Due to the recent wave of health consciousness taking the nation people are more concerned than ever about their weight. Studies have established a correlation between an expanding waistline and several diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer so the desire to shed the extra pounds has become commonplace. But why is loosing weight so difficult? Apart from the fact that food is unavoidable, necessary for survival and enjoyable there are several reasons why persons are unsuccessful at loosing weight.

  • Improper Eating Habits
  • This not only encompasses what people eat but when, how much and -.Foods that are high in refined sugars, sodium and trans fats are the main culprits and should be avoid. For most persons this is the most difficult part to adhere to because foods containing these ingredients are also the most delicious. One way to develop healthy eating habits is to prepare meals at home. When you prepare your own food you are in control and can make healthy substitutions that will ensure that meals are nutrient rich and well balanced. A dietitian is a useful ally and can contribute to meal plans and recipes that will suit your nutritional needs and your taste buds.

  • Inactivity
  • Loosing weight can be reduced to a simple equation caloric intake must be lower by at least a little bit than energy output. No weight loss plan is complete without exercise. Even if one manages to significantly reduce the amount of calories that they consume physical activity helps to speed the process by burning stored fat on the body and excess calories that may have been consumed during moments of weakness.

  • Lack of Information
  • Diet and exercise are nothing if you lack the information to use these tools properly. Age, health status, height and determine what your ideal body mass index should be and the best method for attaining this goal. Always consult a physician before embarking on your lifestyle makeover. Your doctor will determine whether you are healthy enough for physical activity especially if you were previously sedentary and suggest the type of diet that would benefit your health.

Loosing weight is not easy but the results are quite rewarding. In addition to gaining a more svelte physique the risk and effects of many medical conditions are reduced and reversed. There is no shame is getting help if you find the thought of doing it alone discouraging.

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