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Crafting A Winning Evaluation Essay About Dancing

If you do not like writing, crafting your evaluation essay about dancing will be challenging for you. The main reason why students have trouble working on such papers is that they cannot set clear criteria for evaluation and, therefore, select solid supporting arguments to develop their topic ideas. The following suggestions will help you prepare a winning assignment about dancing:

  • Address your audience.
  • You should take your audience into consideration. Some people like dancing and know a lot about the topic while others can hardly distinguish between aerobics and salsa. Your task is to choose a side and write about something interesting to a particular audience.

  • Provide some background information.
  • There are many aspects of dancing that you can write about. You should define your subject and provide a brief review of a chosen dance style or a dance school and its important characteristics. Keep in mind that it is recommended to provide a review instead of a summary.

  • Select evaluation criteria.
  • It is impossible to write a strong evaluation essay without selecting at least four criteria to make your assessment, e.g. a scenery, style, dancers, and performance. It is recommended to brainstorm potential criteria, write them down, and choose the strongest points.

  • Come up with strong pieces of evidence for all the chosen criteria.
  • Your paper will look dull if you come up with strong supporting details for one criterion and none for the others. So, it makes sense to write only about something that you have enough information about.

  • State your argument clearly.
  • Your value judgment should be stated clearly so that every reader understands what your writing is about. Make sure to be concrete in your assessment. You should not state obvious points about dancing and avoid being too general.

  • Structure your paragraphs.
  • Each evaluation essay paragraph should have a clear structure. Provide a topic sentence that clarifies an evaluation criterion, key ideas that support your judgment of that criterion, and a transition sentence that tells the reader what you are going to write about further.

  • Use proper wording and correct grammar.
  • Using proper wording is vital for your paper. Bear in mind that some terms and concepts related to dancing have different meanings as compared to everyday wordings. So, you should be careful and remember to proofread your essay after it is ready.

The aforementioned suggestions will help you complete your assignment easily. However, make sure to start as early as you can, so that you will take your time and end up with a high-quality piece of writing.

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