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Persuasive Essay Topics You've Never Written About Before

Whenever it comes to choosing the right topic for your paper, you need to think hard about how you want to go about this. The reason why this is important is because failing to choose the right title for your essay will always earn you a fail, or have your paper marked with a sense of contempt from the teacher. This is how easy it is for students to lose marks which they can easily win over, and it also explains the reason why so many students struggle. Make use of this essay writing service if you lack ideas for essay writing.

Persuasive essay topics are supposed to do just that, persuade the reader to pay attention to whatever it is you want to put across for them. To help you get a good idea of what we are talking about, here are some good topics that you can work with:

  • Provide an in-depth analysis of the benefits of volunteering, citing reasons that would make you encourage someone to enlist for some of these opportunities.
  • Discuss some of the main reasons why solar power as a means of alternative and sustainable form of energy should be handled with care in order for the system to yield good results
  • To be or not to be an organ donor. Discuss, providing some strong supporting points on whichever one of these options you would consider
  • Fast foods have for a very long time been considered quite a challenge for a lot of households. Discuss some of the reasons why you would encourage communities to embrace these outlets instead of shying away from them
  • Drawing on some of the most prolific events that have ever taken place in the world, provide an elaborate speech to showcase the fact that hope is the most powerful force in the entire universe
  • Abortion has been a hot discussion topic over the past few years. Discuss this with an emphasis on the fact that it is the end of an innocent human life
  • Explain the challenges that face governments as they attempt to deal with the threat of national security, while highlighting cyberattacks as a basis for your discussion
  • The legalization of marijuana is supposed to be adopted by more states all over the world. Discuss
  • We all have all we need in order to succeed in life. Discuss this statement, citing relevant examples to support your claims
  • Provide an elaborate discussion on the difference between persuasive thinking, logical thinking and creative thinking.

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