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23 Winning Argumentative Essay Topics About The Middle East

There is a lot that has been said about the Middle East in the past. From the news to the internet there are a lot of stories that have been in the mainstream media with regard to the Middle East. From time to time you can be asked to write an essay on this part in the world, and it would be a really good idea for you to know how to structure a good paper.

What a lot of students do not realize is that when you are writing an argumentative essay or any other paper for that matter, your topic is the most important thing that will help you earn more marks for the paper. The following are some brilliant ideas that you can work with:

  1. Discuss how the $4.8 billion loan given to Egypt by the IMF had an effect on Gaza
  2. Explain hyperinflation in Iran and a currency shortage
  3. Discuss how sanctions on Iran affected the country’s economy
  4. In your opinion, how did the sanctions on Iran benefit the country in the long run?
  5. Discuss Egypt from the concept of reforms, populism and Shariah
  6. Discuss how the changing world has impacted on the Arab economies
  7. In Egypt, economic reforms have for a long time been trumped by politics; discuss
  8. Discuss how in 2011 the entire world conspired to take out Gadhafi on human rights charges (UN, US, NATO, Japan, EU, Canada & Australia)
  9. Discuss human rights and democracy in the Syrian Arab Republic
  10. Discuss post-Mubarak Egypt and how the economy is performing
  11. Discuss the core of the Middle East protests
  12. In their bid to secure the World Cup, Qatar has broken a lot of ethical boundaries. Discuss
  13. How has political liberalization helped the Middle East?
  14. Discuss how the Libyan turmoil affected the global economy, especially with respect to the oil process
  15. Propose methods that the US could have used to help post-Mubarak Egypt nurture the economy
  16. What were the economic ramifications of the strife in Egypt?
  17. Discuss some of the dangers of rapid political change in the Middle East
  18. Is the Middle East Trade Agreement a window of opportunity?
  19. Discuss the Middle East Peace Process
  20. Explain how religious history has influenced the Middle East
  21. Discuss the Sunni-Shi’ite conflict
  22. Discuss how Islam has helped the Middle East hold a fort over the years
  23. Explain the major timelines in the Persian Gulf War

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