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A Few Examples Of How To Start A Reflective Essay

Writing a reflective essay means, you have to share the personal experiences and observation with your readers as you progress in a certain area of life. This is one interesting form of academic writing because you get a chance to talk about your most worthy experiences and explain to your readers how you evolved as a person. It is always fun to talk about experiences, which made you a better person and helped you learn important lessons in life. You may not have a chance to explain your observations and experiences else wise but this is a good opportunity to discuss it with your readers.

The struggle most of the students face is that they cannot start writing an effective paper. It is difficult for them to begin because they do not know where to start from and how to start. They want to make a great first impression but have confusion about beginning it. Once you have started writing your paper, it is easy to carry it because you are talking about personal experiences and you would remember as they happened. However, it is tough to open your reflective essay without any background knowledge or experience.

The other major thing while writing such an assignment is the event or experience you would share with your audience. It is tough to choose which of the life experiences you want to share with your readers. Students also feel worried because they are not sure whether the target audience will have an interest in the experience being shared or not.

The starting paragraph of your essay includes an opening statement, a background of your subject and a thesis statement. The opening sentence is your place to engage your readers and hook them by adding a famous quotation, anecdote, strong fact or surprising them with logic. After that, you may or may not give a little background about the subject if necessary. The last thing in your introduction paragraph is the thesis statement. The purpose of this statement is to show the extract of your entire work and point the scope of your essay to your readers.

Example of starting your reflective essay

I have always had a hard time speaking in public; it was more of a social anxiety for me. My teachers always encouraged me to take part in speech and debate competitions but I just could not make it. Unless one day I did….

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