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Writing A Solid 3-Paragraph Descriptive Essay

The term solid means something strong whereas a three-paragraph essay could probably count as one of the shortest you can ever write. However, the term descriptive denotes the style of writing which in particular, refers to coloring your composition through some kind of creativity with also borders on the use of words. Creative writing has a strong semblance with descriptive writing in the sense that both exploit the use of colorful wording so that readers can be able to see rather than read what you are writing about. People who are good at creative writing are definitely good at those which require descriptive approach and on this premise; a student who is still struggling to get an edge with this requires nothing but extensive reading and a look at some samples out there. But let’s take a look at something more specific. There comes a time you are expecting a lot of writing but then comes the bombshell! You are required to do a three paragraph descriptive composition! The question is, despite all the thousands of ideas you could have gathered in preparation for the exercise, what can you do to condense everything to just a three paragraph text block? This article explores some tips that should get you started as soon as you read the requirement in the paper’s instructions.

  • Does your topic require much or little?
  • Topics are sometimes depictive of how much writing is required of you as a student. However, if you are required to come up with one of your own, it is important to make sure it will not require a lot of details. Most of the times, short essays are defined by topics which are specific to what is expected at the end of the writing process.

  • Do not gather information more than necessary
  • Well, short compositions are those which require not much detail yet you are expected to capture everything. Depending on how you go about the first tip, it is imperative that you focus on the specifics of a construct or variable on which you are expected to write on.

  • Instead of divulging a lot, be creative
  • Also, to craft a three-paragraph write-up can be a big hurdle to someone who is used to listing so many examples. However, this should not be the case. Instead of describing so much supported with lots of examples, get creative, beautify your language and it would still go for something that meets the definition of descriptive.

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