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How To Compose A Literary Analysis Essay On The US Constitution

First, you need to focus on the entire part of the US constitution then decide on what to expound on. Before you embark on writing your essay, there are three tools you need to understand. Plot or arrangement of your work, tone and the language used. The topic you choose will guide you on how to use the above three tools. Tips on how to compose a literary analysis essay on the US constitution:

  • Thesis
  • This is a highlight of your main points. It is usually written in one or two sentences. A good statement of this type should explain to your readers what they expect to find in the entire paper. You need to highlight the main areas of the US constitution that you will cover, the basis and significance of your argument. Though at times the central question or theme may change, you need to make the necessary adjustments to ensure it's in alignment with the body content.

  • Introduction
  • It creates the first impression to your reader. Therefore, to make it captivating you may choose to start with an interesting question, fact or a quotation from the US constitution. Your introductory paragraph should end with your central statement so as to usher in the entire content.

  • Body
  • This is where you express views and raise supporting evidence for your argument. Ensure you look into multiple factors of the US constitution each in its own paragraph. The number of paragraphs will depend on the scale of your ideas. You may choose to either use examples, facts, opinions or secondary sources such as books and articles. They should have content related to the subject at hand. Remember that the body should reflect your thesis statement.

  • Conclusion
  • This is where you sum up the entire content of your paper. It is usually done in one paragraph.

  • Additional guidelines
  • With a general idea on how to format your views, few major points also need to be considered.

    1. The entire paper should be written in the present tense regardless of when the constitution was enacted.
    2. Do not summarize the entire constitution. The main aim of this paper is to conduct an evaluation of the constitution.
    3. Ensure you review the entire work. Start right from the introduction all the way to your conclusion. You can also have someone else go through it.
    4. Always use the third person language when writing. This includes the use of "you" instead of "I".

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