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Breaking Bad

Walter White, top notch chemist, working a dead end job teaching at a high school wakes up to one day find out he has lung cancer, even though he does not smoke. This was quite devastating and indeed it changed his perspective of life drastically. Given three years to live, he must now secure his family’s financial future and this is when things get interesting.

New beginnings

Now that his mortality has been determined, Mr. White decides to tag along with his brother in law, who happens to be a member of the DEA. On this outing, he is witness to a drug bust and notices two things, the large amounts of money found on the scene and also one of his ex students escaping out a back window. So he sparks an idea, since he is quite capable of making this stuff, Methamphetamine, if I were to sell it, I could secure my family’s financial future and pay for my medical treatments.

He sets out to contact his former student, a lean youth named Jesse and finds him in a make shift lab at his aunt’s house. He challenges him with his plan to become a drug lord and they set out to create their lab and acquire supplies. All went well enough and to everyone’s surprise, Mr. White was able to create the highest quality methamphetamine the streets had ever seen.

The plot thickens

They begin peddling their product and soon encounter the bigger fish in the game. This brings them face to face with hardened criminals causing them to be robbed during a transaction. Enraged, Mr. White assumes the character of a famous scientist, Heisenberg and confronts the robber. Making use of his knowledge of chemistry, he causes an explosion by throwing a crystal on the ground earning him the respect of his new accomplice.

During his years spent as a drug king ping, Mr. White underwent many changes that eventually lead to him becoming the biggest name in the criminal industry, eliminating much competition as he went along. Eventually, distrust and greed, as well as suspicions from the police, though they were never really close to capturing him, all culminated into a final scene where Mr. White eliminates his former gang, saves Jesse and dies.

This story tells a perfect tale of how life does not always go as you predicted and a little change in perspective could open you up to possibilities you never imagined yourself capable of.

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