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Creating An Effective Academic Essay: Useful Advice

If you want to have an effective academic essay without much trouble, follow the simple tips that are listed below.

  1. Choose a topic.
  2. If you have no particular essay topic, try to choose the one that is provided with enough reference information and sources of quotations and ideas.

  3. Define your thesis statement.
  4. As a rule, this statement is first mentioned in the closing part of your intro. Then it appears in the body paragraph, and is proved through the entire essay.

  5. Compose an outline.
  6. It’s a precise list of ideas you would like to use in your essay. An outline will help you structure your thoughts before you start writing, so you will know where you are moving with your research.

  7. Compose the first draft.
  8. It’s not going to be the final copy, so don’t worry if you do not meet the demand on the word count. Simply out down the most interesting and important ideas.

  9. Determine the number of paragraphs.
  10. At best, there should be a separate paragraph for each thought. A paragraph is no less than three phrases that are connected with the same idea.

  11. Try to follow a pattern.
  12. The most common pattern is “claim” – “proof” – “effect”. A claim is most often an idea that is supported by a proof, and then analyzed for importance within the current research.

  13. Create the second draft copy.
  14. Remove everything that seems to be uninteresting, unnecessary or lacking information. Additional research can help you with it.

  15. Compose the fair copy.
  16. Make sure that you have formatted and organized your paper in a proper way. Use software that allows detecting plagiarism. Check and double-check your spelling and grammar. Ask your friends or family members to read the work before you submit it.

  17. Use synonyms.
  18. If you find out that you keep using the same words and word combinations, use synonym vocabularies to enrich your text. Before you use any synonyms, check whether you understand their meaning correctly.

  19. Don’t try to cheat.
  20. If you lack wordiness, don’t try to increase spaces or choose bigger fonts. Most supervisors see these tricks and reduce points.

  21. Keep your essay formal.
  22. Never use jargon words and colloquial speech like the one you use with friends. Your academic essay is a formal academic project.

  23. Manage your time.
  24. You should always have enough time to do profound, professional and smart research on your topic. Works that are completed in haste and fuss usually look quite poor.

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