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Religious Views On The Afterlife

What Is A Religion?

Religion is defined as the belief in a higher being. This belief pushes its followers to show their appreciation, and reverence, of the being through rituals, sermons and complete and utter devotion.

In today’s world, there are several religions which include, though are not limited to, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Judaism. These religions have a history behind them, are based on sacred texts, and have a set of laws which devotees have to abide by.

Religious Views Of The After Life

Belief in a higher being helps you to answer questions such as where did I come from? Why am I here? Where will I go? It is the answer to the third question which effects people’s view of the afterlife, and by extension their actions in this life. The answer to the question has also led to differing views regarding life after death amongst the separate religions.

In Christianity, the believers have faith in life after death. They understand that after they have been put to rest, they will be resurrected by their God and either enjoy the rewards of Heaven, or be subjected to eternal damnation; based on their actions in this life and their devotion to their Lord. The exact method in which the punishment after death will be administered differs depending on the scripture that Christians refers to.

Religions like Buddhism believe in the concept of reincarnation. This concept suggests that a soul’s spiritual development will continue after their death; the deceased will take on another life form in this world, a life form which depends on the actions committed in the previous life. The journey is said to lead to a soul gaining a superior level of consciousness, and will lead towards liberation.

In Islam, the belief of in an afterlife is obliged on all of the religions followers, who are known as Muslims; this is due to the significance it holds in the believer’s life. The concept of life after death is given in the Quran, the book which is followed by the Muslims. After death all human life will be resurrected and judged by One God, based on the actions committed in this life. After this, they will either be sent to Heaven, Jannah, or Hellfire, Jahannum.

Every religion gives its followers an understanding of the afterlife. While this belief may vary, the idea that a person will die and have to answer for their actions remains constant.

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