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List Of Intriguing Argumentative Essay Topics On Video Games

Every young person in America has been exposed in one way or another to video games. It is without a doubt the most popular form of entertainment for kids, and some fans will spend hours a day playing video games. This is a fertile bed for writing projects and your teacher might assign a paper you will do on the subject of video games. An argumentative essay will not be the easiest project you have ever worked on. The structure requires you to present logical arguments and facts to back up your claims. It helps if you are allowed to pick the topic. You are then able to write on something which will interest you. There are any number of very intriguing themes you can present to the teacher in your work. Here are a few ideas for the paper title.

  • Video games do not lead to violence.
  • Reflexes and hand to eye coordination benefit from video games.
  • Video games alone have no effect on adolescent obesity.
  • A child’s IQ improves from playing video games.
  • Video games open career possibilities to a young person.
  • Video games should be used in education.
  • Video is a legitimate form of art.
  • Playing video games themselves will not make a person anti-social.
  • Video games stunt intellectual development.
  • Video games make a person less religious.
  • The imagination is positively stimulated with video games.
  • There should be a special education tax imposed on video games.
  • Video gamers are more mature than their peers.
  • Video games help a person cope with domestic problems.
  • An hour of video gaming produces better homework.
  • Parents should video games as an alternative to marijuana smoking.
  • People lose interest with video games as they get older.
  • Video games help promote non-violence.
  • Video games need to be used in church.
  • Adolescents who play video games are more emotionally stable.
  • Parents need to better understand the importance of video games.
  • Video games are a better form of entertainment than television.

Check your facts and do your research! The teacher is not going to be impressed if all you do is spout sentences. You also need to steer away from sarcasm or snark. This is not a Vegas lounge act but a serious writing exercise. The argumentative essay demands more than the usual writing out of you. The benefit is that as you present your arguments you become an even better writer than what you were before.

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