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Practical Guides: How to Create a Five-Paragraph Essay

One of the first essays presented and taught to young writers is the five-paragraph essay. Once that format of essay is mastered, then the student can add to this basic form and begin to branch out and grow as a writer. This format will have an introduction, main point one, main pint two, main point three, and the conclusion. So an example thesis statement will have three main ideas. The length of the paper depends upon what the teacher wants. Some of the first ones assigned may be quite short in length. They length will increase as the writer grows. In learning to master this form of composition, you should use these four fabulous writing tips. Following these rules and using good custom term paper writing service should forward you to successful paper.

Four Suggestions To Follow

  1. Pick a topic you like-you will find that selecting a subject you enjoy will make you end up in a better paper. There will be times when the instructor gives you the topic, but if you are given the choice to pick your subject, and then always select a topic that interests you. It can be a subject you are very familiar with or a subject that you want to know more about in the future.

  2. Make the thesis statement strong- a strong thesis is like a car with a powerful motor. It will take you many places. Write a list of all the possible points that could possibly be main ideas in this composition. Then under each of them write the supports that you find. Then select the three points on your list that have the most support. If one turns out to be weaker than you originally thought, try to replace it with one of your other listed ideas. If one of them is just the tiny bit weaker than the others, then place it between the two stronger ideas. Always start and end strong when you compose your paper.

  3. Create an amazing hook or attention getter-you want to draw in or pull in your audience and have them glued to your piece. All papers need a powerful hook. You can provide that hook by starting with a story, a strong quote, a result of a case study, an amazing piece of data, or a thought-provoking question. Some people will start and finish their essay with the same device or a variation of the same story or quote. This makes the entire paper go full circle. Whichever tool you choose to use, make sure that it is magnetic. You must grab your audience’s attention at the beginner in order to keep your reader focused until the end of the piece.

  4. Have a very detailed outline-this idea cannot be stressed enough to young writers. Take the time upfront to create a very detailed outline. Some teachers will require for you to submit the outline with the final paper. If the teacher does this, make sure you ask if it should be a topic or a sentence outline. This routine is a case of when the preparation is almost as important as the final project. If you can learn to create detailed and thorough outlines, all of your papers will be much easier to write. Make it a practice to compose the most detailed and thorough outline that you possibly can. You will become the master of the outline before you know it.

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